Welcome on this web page about OrderSprinter. OrderSprinter is a free (Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND) Point-Of-Service/Point-Of-Sale software (POS) for the gastronomy. The software contains a web application and also a print server. OrderSprinter can be used for bars and restaurants up to 100 tables.

The printserver is provided in a Windows and a Java version. This allows to install the whole software on a cheap mini-computer Raspberry Pi that is offered for about 40 Euro in the Internet. If you add a mobile phone or tablet and a USB receipt printer you have a full all-in-one solution.

Raspberry Pi as All-in-One-Solution for running OrderSprinter

In contrast to pure paydesk systems this software handles the complete digital workflow from ordering by the waiter to the preparing step in the kitchen (food) or in the bar area (beverage), the serving till the paying process. Of course, a conventional workflow using printed work receipts for the kitchen is also supported.

The implementation as web service has the big advantage that the user has the freedom to use the hardware he likes. He is not bound to the static and mobile devices of one provider. The software is programmed in a way that it can be used on Windows/PC, iPhone, iPads, Android smartphones and a lot more systems as far as the device has a compatible internet browser running.

Since version 1.0.2 the user interface can be switched to German, English and Spanish (but some expressions still miss the English and Spanish translation). The receipt language can also be one of the three languages, independently of the user-specific interface language setting.

Waiteress uses smartphone with OrderSprinter