The software has to be unzipped and uploaded to the webserver. Afterwards the file config.php in the directory php needs to become writable by the webserver. The write rights can be removed after the installation. After the first call of the web address of the spider installation you will see this page:

Unfortunately the spider component is still only available in German language. Since I program the software in my leisure time I have plans to do the English and Spanish translation but I won't opublish a roadmap. Nevertheless I hope to have designed the user interface so well that it is understandable even without the translations.

The entries must be filled with correct values. There needs to be specified a password that is required to log into Spider after the installation.

After the installation

if the installation was successful the user will be forwarded to the login page. Here it is necessary to enter the password that was specified during the installation process. In a fresh installation OrderSprinter Spider still has no pre-defined instances. These instances need to be added now. It is also possible to load a backup from a previous installation.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me:

Stefan Pichel, July 2015