• yes, it costs nothing
  • web-based, so that no installation on the end devices of the users is required. The software can be installed on a local server as well as on a commercial web hoster.
  • almost all PC, smartphones, tablet PC work as end device - no binding to a certain provider/supplier
  • use of Wifi to do ordering close at customer
  • user-friendly user interface
  • complete workflow may be pure digital so that no work receipts are required (but are possible)
  • multi-language user interface
  • internally use of digital signatures to avoid manipulation of sales data
  • use of low-performance hardware. Server may also be a cheap Raspberry Pi.
  • Integration of local TSE from Swissbit
  • DSFinv-k Export

Use cases

  • Gastronomy: the software was originally created to be used in restaurants, cafes, and bistros
  • Gastronomy inside a hotel: OrderSprinter contains an own guests modul, but also an interface to commercial hotel management software HS/3
  • Cutter and other service agencies by deactivating the table selection part of the workflow
  • retail trade - limited use


  • Size of buttons for room, table and product selection can be defined user-specific (3 levels)
  • Product images can be shown in the order and paydesk view
  • decimal point
  • Fine-granulated permissions


  • three price levels for each product (normal, weekend, happy hour)
  • unlimited number of subcategories
  • Import menu from text. A sample menu is included
  • two different taxes
  • optionally free tax for certain products
  • Availability of products can be set at each time. If products are unavailable they won't appear in the order view.



  • Special wishes by adding a remark during the order process
  • Adding product-specif extras (e.g. cream, ketchup)
  • Table selection byb graphical room maps
  • free prices for certain products
  • change of prices for users with certain permissions
  • Discount buttons
  • Favorite list of products for faster selection during ordering
  • Produkt search in the order view
  • Use of barcode reader
  • Table change
  • cancellation of unpaid but ordered products, optionally protected by password
  • Creation of delivery orders
  • Courses


  • Card payment with SumUp on Android end devices
  • Split of bills
  • Calculation of change
  • Cancellation of receipts only with PIN
  • Logging of the payment way. The available payments can be configured.
  • Bills in full-screen mode possible
  • Counting protocol
  • Interface to Fiskaly Sign-AT (für users in Austria)


  • huge set of data export features, relevant to be compliant with regulation constraints
  • Closings
  • Closings can be printed on receipt printer als output in html format in a free customizable format.
  • Details of closings can be sent by email
  • Statistics: Sales today/yesterday/current month/last month/for each product
  • Concept of the personal purse of a waiter: The waiter can always see the amount of cash money that he should have in his purse.
  • PDF sales report in two versions (summary and details)
  • CSV-Exports of the sales data
  • Table reports: For each table a report can be shown informing about every process (ordering, billing, discarding)
  • Tips
  • processing times for each article (time to prepare, to serve, to get money)
  • Calculations of profits for each article

Additional features:

  • Customer display by use of a customer view
  • Supply of a customers web page as official internet presence of the café. The embedded menu is created from the POS data.
  • Pickup receipts and view for pickups, optimized for display on screens in customer room
  • Feedback to the developer directly with the software
  • Rating moduke: The guest can rate in a view that is escpecially created for this function.
  • Extensions by plugins possible
  • Alarm to the waiter in case no print server is active
  • Form letters to guests, with placeholders for name, greetings.
  • Task Management: Tasks can be created manually or automatically (in case of inventory issues) and assigned to certain users.
  • Electronic receipts in optional component eBon.
  • Messages to all users


  • Support for all ESC/POS receipt printers (ESC/POS is the current standard for receipt printers)
  • Print server in two versions: for Windows and for Linux (as Java version). The Linux version does not require a printer driver.
  • 6 receipt printers (each user can specify a printer) and 4 work receipt printers for food and 4 for drinks.
  • Logo on bill
  • free customazible templates for bills, work receipts


  • The complete database can be exported and restored. A restore action is logged.
  • Bash-Skript for nightly backup
  • Use of standard hardware - software is not bound to hardware of certain providers/suppliers. Therefore a damaged hardware can easily be replaced.
  • Waiter's lock possible with QR-Code or NFC tag

And what is (still) missing?

OrderSprinter is no commercial product. That's why it is possible to give also an overview of the features that are not implemented - and maybe never won't be implemented:
  • DATEV interface